Christianity and Islam

From one of the leading scholars of Islam in the last century comes this exploration of Christianity and Islam. Right from the beginning Becker notes that there are different points of view on the subject. Examining the nature of the subject and the historical connections between the religions, he turns to the meeting of the two faiths. Early in his exploration he addresses the rise of Islam and its impact on the Christianity of the time. Over the course of his discourse, Becker probes what Muhammad knew of Christianity and the position of Christians under Islam. Next he turns to the Middle Ages. Looking at their similarities, he decides that metaphysically the religions are not that different. In fact, both religions influence the other. Noting aspects of the daily life and doctrinal outlook of Islam, Becker compares these to Christian life and outlooks. Emerging outlooks at the time demonstrated just how much these religions affected each other. Those interested in the history of western religions will find this a refreshing resource.

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  • Christianity and Islam
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