The Peacock Plume : Forty Fascinating Poems

This anthology of 40 poems cover a range of emotional and intellectual inspirations, culled from various stages and experiences of life. Like the variegated hues of a peacock's feather, which poets of yore used to inscribe their thoughts, these poems express various colours of sentiments ranging from romantic ecstasy, spiritual ardour, philosophical reflections to outright despondency and despair. These are poems everyone can relate to and recite while reminiscing.

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  • The Peacock Plume : Forty Fascinating Poems
author detailsDr Adil Rasheed is a Senior Research Fellow at the United Service Institution of India and a media commentator on West Asian geopolitics. He was earlier Researcher at the Middle East’s premier think tank, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (2006 to 2014). His analytical features appear in leading Middle East newspapers and publications. He was awarded Ph.D. from JMI University, New Delhi, in 1995.