Dragon De-mystified: Understanding People's Republic of China

This book covers issues on China, its strategic issues and its effect on India. With a total of nineteen articles this book covers issues like Economy of China, CPEC, China's Energy Diplomacy, Military Reforms, Military Strategy, One Belt One Road and Shanghai Cooperation organisation.

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  • Dragon De-mystified: Understanding People's Republic of China
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Lt Gen PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM, (Retd) a former Army Commander, is presently the Director of the United Service Institution of India.  He is a member of the Governing Council of the Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi, and also member of the International Advisory Board of the RUSI International, London. 

1. Comparing the Economies of China and India and its Impact on India’s Strategic and Security Interests by Shri Sanjaya Baru
2. China Pakistan Economic Corridor – Current Status with Focus on Energy Sector Commander by MH Rajesh
3. The Chinese Military’s Mindset by Colonel Iqbal Singh Samyal
4. South China Sea in Retrospect: Post Tribunal Verdict by Commander MH Rajesh
5. China, Japan and the Evolving Risks in the East China Sea: Implications and Policies to Avert Risks by Ms Amrita Jash
6. China’s Policies – Their Regional and Global Impacts by Major General Nguyen Hong Quan, PhD
7. China’s Military Reforms: Strategic Perspectives by Major General GG Dwivedi, SM, VSM and Bar, PhD (Retd)
8. Continuing Evolution of Chinese Armed Forces – A Review of Recent Organisational Changes by Commander MH Rajesh
9. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Expansion: Strategic Ramifications by Major General GG Dwivedi, SM, VSM and Bar (Retd), PhD
10. China’s Military Strategy: Will the Rise of China be Peaceful? by Mr Claude Arpi
11. One Belt One Road: A Strategic Challenge by Lieutenant Colonel K Nishant Nair, SC 
12. In My Eyes: India, Indians and India-China Relations by Mr Luo Zhaohui, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in India
13. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Connecting the Dots by Lieutenant General PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
14. The Undeclared Power Play behind Belt and Road Forum by Major General SB Asthana, SM, VSM (Retd)
15. The China Dream, Tianxia and Belt and Road Initiative: ‘Pax Sinica’ or Middle Power Coalition for Asia-Pacific? by Major General Rajiv Narayanan, AVSM, VSM (Retd)
16. Chinese Military’s Perspective on the Indian Military Strategy by Brigadier Iqbal Singh Samyal
17. China’s Energy Diplomacy and Changing Contours of Security Structure in the Indian Ocean: New Scramble for Sea Power by Ms Dhanwati Yadav
18. China’s Strategic Behaviour and its Impact on India by Shri R S Kalha, IFS (Retd)
19. China and India: The Road Ahead by Shri Mohan Guruswamy