History and Historiography : From Ancient to Modern World

History & Historiography: From Ancient to Modern World is entitled to serve as a bundle of various research articles and research papers. The book concentrates mainly on the topics which, we think, will be valuable to apprehend the various research areas deeply and more profoundly. This book also includes such topics that are mainly related to our glorious history and the development of our ideas about the past. The present volume is the first in highlighting articles and essays written by young scholars. These young scholars are more way than a historian. They have written on the topics with respect to the fields of specialization, really agreed and sent in their contributions. This collection precisely focuses precisely on Indian and European History. Although there is a vast literature available on the subject the need to put forth the mindset of young historians has been long felt. Nevertheless, it incorporates a wide range of fascinating information, which will to a greater extend appeal to the general reader as well.

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  • History and Historiography : From Ancient to Modern World
author details
Ashu J is working as Research Assistant in Dept. of Political Science, Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi, New Delhi. He formerly worked as Junior Project Fellow at DEAA, NCERT, New Delhi and Research Assistant at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, New Delhi. He also served at many government institutions including National Museum, Rajya Sabha Television, National Archives of India, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art etc. He authored book titled "Lineage of Asoka Brahmi, Dhamma and Edicts". His other published articles include: Comparing Ramayana of Valmiki and Kampan Ahalya’s Episode, New Delhi, 2016; Understanding Delhi during 1803 - 1860, Raipur, 2017 and Reflection of Asoka - His Idea of Dhamma in Pillar Edict Seven, Raipur, 2018.

Srotoswini Borah is an alumnus of the University of Delhi and has completed her Masters of Arts in History with a specialization in Ancient Indian History. She's an independent Researcher who works in the field related to the development of research in Arts and Humanities. Her published articles include: Jaina Religion and Their Heritage in Bihar, Raipur, 2017 and 'Nagas': The Religious Pantheon of Ancient India, Raipur, 2018.


Section — I : Ancient History
CHAPTER – ONE : Climatic Changes in the Pre and Proto Historical Periods: An Emphasis on the Natural Factors
CHAPTER – TWO : Beginning of Iron Age in India and its Extension
CHAPTER – THREE 19 : Buddhism: It’s Emergence & Popularity in Early India
CHAPTER – FOUR : Buddhist Theory of Kingship in Aggañña Sutta of
CHAPTER – FIVE : The Problem of Didargañj Cauri Bearer’s Identification – A Response
CHAPTER – SIX : Gender Depiction in Visual Art

Section — II : Medieval History
CHAPTER – SEVEN : The Interconnection between History and Literature
CHAPTER – EIGHT : Understanding the Rise of Mongol Military Power and its Implications on Research
CHAPTER – NINE : Historical Consciousness in Pre Modern India

Section — III : Modern History
CHAPTER – TEN : The Influence of Ancient Rome on the French Revolution and its Potential for Class Analysis
CHAPTER – ELEVEN : Development of Indian Archaeology till the Close of the 19th Century
CHAPTER – TWELVE : Archaeology and Museums: Rethinking Sense of Identity in India
CHAPTER – THIRTEEN : Journey towards Modern India: Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi the Creator of Modern India