An Appraisal of the PLA's Training for Integrated Joint Operations : India's Actions, Response and C

Joint and Integrated Training is of paramount importance in preparing PLA to undertake IJO and is apparently being given due attention by PLA.In this monograph, attempt has been made to take a holistic look at important PLA activities contributing towards its integrated training efforts. The author argues that PLA has been adopting a very systematic, methodical and focussed approach towards identifying the key issues and addressing them in a time-bound manner with the aim of enhancing its potential for IJO.To remain relevant in the context of evolving war fighting doctrine and philosophy world over, especially when India’s potential adversary has apparently made serious headway,India needs to carry out reappraisal of her joint training philosophy and be proactive in implementing all that is needed for ensuring effective Joint Operations. The approach adopted by China to morph Western model of war-fighting and conduct of training for their own implementation in double-quick timeframe, the focus, the meticulousness, scientific and the methodical approach to problem solving  as being adopted by China are certain tenets which can be imbibed by India in carrying out transformation of the military. 

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  • An Appraisal of the PLA's Training for Integrated Joint Operations : India's Actions, Response and C
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Col Nihar Kuanr was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army. He has done his M.Phil in Defence and National Security studies from Panjab University, India. Currently, he is a Senior Research Fellow with the United Service Institution of India (USI). His area of interest includes the armed forces of China, and HRD aspects pertaining to soldiering.

Chapter – 1 Evolution of PLA IJO, IJO Training and Training Architecture
Chapter – 2 Upgrading PLA Human Resources for Prosecuting IJO 
Chapter – 3 Conduct of Joint Training  
Chapter – 4 Shortcomings in PLA Training and Steps Taken to Address Vital Training Issues
Chapter – 5 Implications for India, India’s Actions, Response and Counter-Strategy