Ethics in the Indian Military

In today’s tempestuous environment, the issues of indiscipline, corruption and criminality in the armed forces reflect broader issues of military ethics, culture and leadership. A military leader has to motivate his followers to achieve maximum results with minimum friction within the group. The ability to motivate men stems largely from the ability to understand them. It is time for military leaders to do some soul-searching on the components of military ethics. The book argues that the existing legal and policy framework is inadequate to regulate behaviour in the barracks as well as in conflicts. It recommends reforms in the military legal system, incentives, practices and training. This book is for policy makers in the armed forces, military officers, military lawyers, academics, journalists, and those with an interest or professional involvement in the subject.

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  • Ethics in the Indian Military
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Dr U C Jha is an independent researcher. He has an extensive academic experience in the fields of military law, international humanitarian law and human rights laws. He has been teaching these subjects for more than a decade and is a resource person for the United Service Institution of India, New Delhi. He has served in the Indian Air Force for 24 years. He obtained a Ph D degree in Law and Governance from Jawaharlal Nehru University, where his dissertation was on the Indian Military Justice System. He also holds master's degree in law, life sciences, business administration, and defence and strategic studies; with post-graduate diplomas in environmental laws, intellectual property laws, and international humanitarian law, refugee law and human rights laws.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 System of Law and Governance
Chapter 3 Discipline and Obedience
Chapter 4 Ethical and Moral Values
Chapter 5 Summing Up