Global Jihad, Islamic Radicalisation and Counter Strategy

The Jihadist ideology has destroyed the world from East to West. They have tried to implement Shariah Law. People use and abuse religion in order to create fear and anxiety within the victim. Counter Terrorism experts, as well as governmental departments, are fighting on many frontlines. There already exists Islamist ideology that challenges the writ of the governmental authority and other issues that have damaged the democratic values of the state like the right-wing terrorism and ethno-nationalist fundamentalism, such as in Spain and Italy. We are stuck between two world orders, Islamic and democratic world order. Both these powers have now been fighting each other for nearly half a century, from colonialism to political Islamic era till the 21st century when the world became a global village. Terrorists are using new technologies in relations to lure vulnerable people and the western youths are their easy target to recruit. We must apply the right tools to eliminate such ideology that corrupted millions of minds. 

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  • Global Jihad, Islamic Radicalisation and Counter Strategy
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Mr. Noor Dahri is the Founder and Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism- ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. Noor was born and raised in Pakistan. He was an active member of Lashkar -e-Taibah (LeT), a Jihadist organisation in Pakistan. Noor Dahri has also worked with the London Police department for the last seven years.  He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK, Counter Terrorism from the University of Maryland – U.S.A and also studied Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter-Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an independent researcher in Counter Islamist Terrorism and Islamist Extremism.
Mr. Dahri has written many research articles on hot issues such as Counter Terrorism, Violent Extremism, De-Radicalisation and Israel-Palestine conflict which have been published in various newspapers. Noor has attended many events, conferences on the threat of Counter Terrorism and also visited many institutes and libraries. Noor is a Middle East Analyst at The Great Middle East and a regular contributor at the Times of Israel (Israel) and The Daily Times (Pak). He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows for his interviews.
Noor is a first Pakistani, who has been officially invited to deliver his speeches at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism -ICT in Israel on the topic of “From Daw’ah To Jihad: Breaking the Radicalization. Mr. Noor is the fellow member of the Intelligence Community USA and a member of the security think tank Henry Jackson society UK. He regularly attends discussion-based events in the House of Commons and the House of Lords (UK Parliaments). He has visited many countries for his research work.
Noor Dahri received a “Life Achievement Award Certificate” by Lord Frank Judd at The House of Lords- UK in 2017.

Chapter 1 Radical and Extreme Ideology
Ideological Factors
Ethno -Nationalist Ideology
What constitutes an act of Terrorism? 
Hateful Radicalisation 
Right Wing Extremism 
ISIS Ideology against the EU Human Rights Laws 
Mind Processing 
Is Religion a Factor of Terrorism? 
The Ideology of Martyrdom 
Radicalisation and Belief System
Ethnic Discrimination Leads Radicalism 
Global Caliphatic Ideology 
Believe or Die 
Secular and Religious Radicalisation 
Secular vs Religious Ideology 
Radicalisation Processes 
Chapter 2 Global Jihadism 
Jihad, Al Qaeda and Radicalisation 
Extreme Islamic Ideology Vs Moderate Islamic Ideology 
Targets, Weapons and Tactics 
Terrorist Group Dynamics 
Contrast between Effectiveness and Impact of Terrorism 
Case study: What is the Strategic Logic of the Taliban? 
Case study: Al Qaeda in Afghanistan 
US War on Terror Policy in the Region 
The IS arrival in Khorasan 
Types of Terrorism and Ideologies of Terrorists 
Case Study: LeT (Lashkar -e- Toaba- Pakistan) Tactics (Weapons) 
Case Study: Boko Haram 
Hate Crime vs Terrorism 
Chapter 3 Suicide Terrorism, Rational or Irrational 
Rational or Irrational 
Root Causes 
Training & Recruitment 
Suicide Terrorism effects among victims 
Chapter 4 No Media -No Terrorism 
Chapter 5 The Threat of Islamic Extremism in the West 
The UK Parliament attack, Prevent Policy and the UK Muslims Responsibility 
Terror incident and Terrorist’s objectives 
UK’s Prevent Policy 
The British Muslim’s Role in society 
The Muslims Silence, an Evolution or a Solution of Extremism
Terrorism has a Religion, Terrorism has a Religion 
The Ideological Roots of Terrorism 
Solutions within the Muslim Community 
Political Islamic Terrorism, a Real Threat to the West