The History of Arab - Jewish Conflict : 1881-1948

The emergence of the modern Zionist Movement was driven by the search for a homeland in Palestine for the stateless and persecuted Jewish People. The organized migration and settlement of Jewish people under the banner of World Zionist Organization trampled the fundamental rights of Palestine People and continuously rejected their statehood. The rejectionist policy practiced by Zionists and State of Israel explains the persistence of the Palestine question. This book devotes to examine the historical origin and evolution of Arab-Israeli conflict from 1881, the year of first Aliya, to the creation of state of Israel in 1948. It investigates socio-political and cultural aspects of the conflict with an emphasis to the historical factors. The book offers a comprehensive and comprehensible analysis of the History of Palestine.

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  • The History of Arab - Jewish Conflict : 1881-1948
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Dr. P.J. Vincent is Head of Post Graduate Department of History at Government Arts & Science College, Calicut, Kerala. Currently, he is working on Deputation as Press Secretary to Hon'ble Speaker of Kerala State Legislature Assembly. He has written extensively in English and Malayalam and his major books are A History of Kunnummal Village, Adhinivesathinte Asurakandam and Adhinivesam Prathirodham (both in Malayalam), K.M. Panikkar: Charithramenna Porkkalam (edited) India -West Asia Relations : Understanding Cultural Interplays
(Co Edited), Local History :
Explorations in Theory and Method 
(Co-edited). He was the editor of Government Arts & Science College Research Journal. Dr. Vincent has 20 Research papers and more than 250 popular articles (in English and Malayalam) at his credit. He is presenting lokakkazhcha - a weekly news based programme on global politics - at the Kairali News Chanel.

Chapter 1 Palestine in History
Chapter II Zionism: Ideology and Movement (1881-1914)
Chapter III The Crisis in Palestine: From World War I to Mandate (1914-1922)
Chapter IV The Struggle for Palestine: From Mandate to State (1922-48)