Maritime Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific

The maritime domain is increasingly gaining salience and the emerging dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region are highly pronounced. These influence the international security architecture and impact on the regional stability affecting India’s national interests. This book views the evolving strategic dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region from the prism of geopolitics, economics, diplomacy, environment and multilateralism and examines their possible implications for India.

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  • Maritime Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific
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Dr Vijay Sakhuja is Director National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi. A former navy officer, he has worked in a number of Indian think tanks and was Director of Research at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi. He is also visiting Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore. He has authored/co-authored three books and has edited/co-edited over 20 volumes on various geopolitical/geostrategic issues and maritime history.

Commander (Dr.) Kapil Narula is a serving officer of the Indian Navy and is currently posted as a Research Fellow at the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi. He holds an M.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering (IIT, Kharagpur) and a Ph.D. degree in Development Economics (IGIDR, Deemed university of the Reserve Bank of India). His areas of competence are energy, sustainability, economic policy, climate change and maritime issues and he attempts to integrate multi-disciplinary aspects in his work. He is the co-editor of two books on maritime issues and the Executive Editor of the journal ‘Maritime Affairs

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4. Strategic Power Play in East Asia by Yogendra Kumar
5. South China Sea Dispute and its Impact on Regional Stability by Kamlesh K Agnihotri
6. Relevance of UNCLOS and other Legal Instruments in Resolving Maritime Disputes In The South China Sea by Raghavendra Mishra
7. Regional Environmental Challenges by Kapil Narula
8. China in the Indian Ocean: Foreign Policy and Maritime Power by Gurpreet S Khurana
9. India and Multilateral Security Architecture by Anurag G Thapliyal
10. India’s Act East Policy: Adding Substance to Strategic Partnerships by Shankari Sundararaman
11. Seminar Takeaways  by Antara Ghosal and Kapil Narula