Constitutional History of India

Indian Constitution is the basis of parliamentary system of government where the executive is directly accountable to the legislature. Constitutional History is a significant subject. Hence, it requires exclusive books. There is a dearth of exhaustive and comprehensive books, on this topic. This modest endeavour is aimed at filling the same vacuum. This exclusive book covers all aspects and dimensions of the subject. This compact book is bound to serve all the concerned circles—scholars, lawyers, teachers, researchers, students and of course the general readers.

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  • Constitutional History of India
author detailsM.S. Ishshan, a senior journalist by training and profession, is a double post-graduate in Humanities and Social Sciences, from Agra University. He is a regional media icon, in view of his influence, over the powers that be. He represents several national and regional daily and weakly newspapers, in Western U.P and runs his own media centre, at Etah. Apart, from being a proficient columnist, contributing to dozens of periodicals in English and Hindi, he devotes his leisure time to serious research and writing, with his focus, on Political Science, as a subject. This is his research-based work, on the Constitutional History of India. Now, he has engaged himself, in working on another comprehensive book on Indian Constitution and System of Governance.