The Tears of Terrorism

The cause of Terrorism seems almost impossible for any one to define. It is not a natural phenomenon, itis unnatural, and man made phenomenon which has its foundation on Belief system. Trends of Terrorism change over time. For example 1920-30-socialism and communism as cause of Terrorism. It is an ideological Terrorism. 1950 -80 Nationalism as cause. Terrorist violence in these years suppressed population through committed violence against states thatwas not given them a voice in political process and finally 1980-today-religious Justification as a cause of Terrorism . Scholars began to notice the rise in religious language and sensibility in terms as well. for Example Islamic Jihad in Middle East or for that matter in the entire globe. Groups such as Army of God in US, were willing to use religion to justify violence. Religion is the primary way that Terrorism is explained to day. In this context I feel that human being , a supreme specie of evolution has forgotten HUMANITY which is an instinct in every human being. And on account of this he causing violence for some point of or other. Particularly Religious Jihad is most dangerous and irrelevant for this age of Science and Technology. Present society do not require religion. Its foundation is belief system which has no meaning for the present days. Here my message is to curb Religion then only peace is sustained in the modern society.

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  • The Tears of Terrorism
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