Strategic Ladakh - A Historical Narrative 1951-53 and a Military Perspective

This book is essentially an observation of Ladakh in the early nineteen fifties, after tracing its social evolution from ancient times. The author gives first hand account of his interactions with the local lamas, the elders and the educated amongst the people to trace their roots and habits and culture. Thereafter, the author has given an account of the 1962 war in Ladakh to highlight the continuity in strategic and military importance of this vital region. The author has also touched upon Chinese strategy in this region and its implications on India.

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  • Pages: 242
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  • Subjects: Jammu & Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh
  • Strategic Ladakh - A Historical Narrative 1951-53 and a Military Perspective
author details
Major General Rajendra Nath was commissioned in 11 Gorkha Rifles (Infantry) in 1947 from Indian Military Academy and participated in the 1947-48 Kashmir war. He was posted as Liaison Officer in Ladakh from 1950-51 by Army HQs. when Ladakh was an isolated area. He was the first army officer along with Captain Suri to reconnaissance the Aksai Chin area in Ladakh in 1950-51 and forward detailed report on the Chinese threat to the area and received tremendous appreciation from the Army Headquarters as well as the Ministry of Defence. He has served in various command and staff appointments during his service and has been Commandant Indian Military Academy. 

After his retirement, he took to Social Work and Writing on matters military. He has been associated with the Institute of the Blind at Chandigarh and the Society of the Blind for the last 32 years as Senior Vice President / Chairman of the Managing Committee. 

He has written a comprehensive book on India’s Military History from Rig Vedic times to 1971 Wars. He has also written/edited the books Musharraf’s War and Flashpoints in South Asia. 

Chapter I Historical Background;
Chapter II Geographical and Economic Survey;
Chapter III Social Customs and Manners;
Chapter IV Health and Hygiene;
Chapter V Economic Conditions and Infrastructure;
Chapter VI Religion;
Chapter VII Political Scenario ;
Chapter VIII Military Importance ;
Chapter IX Some Personal Recollections ;
Chapter X Indo Pak War 1947-1948 Operations in Ladakh;
Chapter XI 1962 India – China War in Ladakh – Some Background Information ;
Chapter XII 1962 - India China War – Focus on Ladakh ;
Chapter XIII Siachen Glacier and Ladakh ;
Chapter XIV China’s Future Strategy - It’s Impact on Indian Security ;