The Indo Pacific Region : Security Dynamics and Challenges

Asia’s diversity in culture, ethnicity, religions, ideology, environment, history, economy and systems of governance is without parallel. Consequently, conflict is endemic. Going hand in hand with conflict is multi-faceted competition. At one level, it is for resources: the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific, South and South East Asia compete for energy and mineral resources with developed countries, including USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Economic growth and continued development of Asia as a whole are contingent upon security and stability, without which precious resources will inevitable be expended in conflict. The contingent’s lynchpin is South East Asia, connecting the Indian and the Pacific Oceans and linking the Middle East and South Asia with the Asia Pacific and Australia.

Given the proven limitations of the UNSC in handling various situations, there is pressing need for a regional infrastructure to deal with security matters, including both traditional and non-traditional threats. It is for the nations whose interests are most affected to work together to build a comprehensive Pan Asian security mechanism, dispelling the apprehensions of the continent’s inhabitants and creating the capability to handle their own affairs. This book aims to bring out need for a holistic, overarching Indo-Pacific security system and generate ideas on how it should be developed.

Other contributors to the book are :
  • General VK Singh (India)
  • Vice Admiral Satish Soni (India)
  • Lt Gen PK Singh (India)
  • Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh (India)
  • Maj Gen Liu Chao (China)
  • Rear Admiral K Raja Menon (India)
  • Ambassador Gleb Aleksandrovitch Ivashentsov (Russia)
  • Dr Mumin Chen (Taiwan)
  • Professor Yang Minghong (China)
  • Vice Admiral Anil Kumar Chopra (India)
  • Lt Gen Datuk Azizan Bin Md Delin (Malaysia)
  • Commodore Lalit Kapur (India)
  • Ambassador Ranjit Singh Kalha (India)
  • Col Nguyen The Hong (Vietnam)
  • Captain (Navy) Sukjoon Yoon (Korea)
  • Lt Gen Mollah Fazle Akbar (Bangladesh)
  • Dr Victor Sumsky (Russia)
  • Dr Michael Pillsbury (USA)
  • Commander MH Rajesh (India)

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  • Subjects: Indo Pacific Region, Asia, Indian Ocean
  • The Indo Pacific Region : Security Dynamics and Challenges
author details

Dr Roshan Khanijo is a Senior Research Fellow and Research Co-coordinator at the Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation (CS3), United Service Institution of India (USI), New Delhi. Her academic qualification includes BSc, MA and Ph.D. She is a strategic analyst. Her areas of focus are Security, Nuclear Issues, Indo-Pacific Region, Niche technologies and South Asia.

She has authored and edited books, monographs and occasional papers. Some of them are Complexities and Challenges of Nuclear India, Indo-Pacific Region Security Dynamics and Challenges, Nuclear Security Summit –The Challenge Continues, China’s Military Modernisation; etc. She was the editor of USI’s digital magazine ‘Strategic Perspective’ and is the Co-Editor of the USI Strategic Year Book.

She has been a panellist in number of national and international workshops/Seminars and presented paper in CIISS (China Institute for International Strategic Studies), Beijing, CICIR (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) Beijing, Research Institute for National Security Affairs (RINSA), South Korea etc.

Gp Capt Sharad Tewari, VM (Retd) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation at the USI.  He has been part of the research team for two National Security Studies, on China and South Asia respectively. He has been a guest speaker at a number of Universities. Presently he is pursuing his PhD on "Impact of India-China Relations on Strategic Balance in South Asia".

Introduction by Lieutenant General PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd), Keynote Address by General VK Singh, PVSM, AVSM,YSM (Retd);

The Indo-Pacific as a Geo-strategic Concept and Construct
Strategic & Geostrategic Context by Vice Admiral AG Thapliyal,
The Indo-Pacific as a Security Construct by Rear Admiral K Raja Menon 
The International Implications of the Maritime Silk Road: ? view from Russia by Ambassador Gleb A Ivashentsov,
China’s Role as a Maritime Power and its Impact on Security Environment in East Asia and Indo Pacific by Dr Mumin Chen,
Understanding China’s MSR Initiative: A Perspective in the context of IOR-Pacific Security and Economic Cooperation by Prof Yang Minghong;

Dynamics of Cooperation, Competition and Conflict in the Indian Ocean Dynamics of Competition, Cooperation and Conflict in South East Asia (SEA) by Lt Gen Datuk Azizan Bin Md Delin,
Middle East Competition Dynamics Little Cooperation Much Conflict by Commodore Lalit Kapur (Retd);

Dynamics of Cooperation, Competition and Conflict in the Western Pacific Competition, Conflict, Cooperation and Challenges to Management of South China Sea Situation by Colonel Nguyen The Hong,
Dynamics of Competition, Cooperation and Conflict in East China Sea: South Korean Perspective by Captain (Navy) Sukjoon Yoon (Retd),
Interplay between Security of the IOR and Dynamics in South China Sea by Dr. Huang Yunsong,
Taiwan-China Relations: Risk or Opportunity for the Peace of East Asia by Dr. Chi-shin Chang;

Measures for Forging Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation Who are who in the realm of Western Pacific regional in/security? by Dr Victor Sumsky,
Indian Ocean Security Cooperation by Commodore Lalit Kapur,
Objectives of Indo-Pacific Security Mechanism, Crystal Gazing on Structure, Governance and Funding Mechanisms, Extra Regional Power Perspective by Dr Michael Pillsbury,
An Indian Ocean Perspective on New Regional Security Mechanism — Objectives, Structure and Governance by Commander MH Rajesh,

Valedictory Address by Vice Admiral Satish Soni
Concluding Thoughts