Short-changed by Life : My Voice - Straight from the heart

Conceptualised in North India, more particularly in the NCR - Chandigarh belt “Shortchanged by Life” is the story of Vikramjit Singh Arora (Vicky), a young man, working as equity trader with a Multinational Bank, who had an ordinary start to his life but one right move gave flip to his career and in the International Financial Centre of Dubai & then New York he emerged as a star, a young achiever who came back to India after 7 years to connect with his roots and the story shifts to Gurgaon.
Throughout his life he focussed on making friends and the friends stood by one another in need. Given the high emotional quotient he was not cut out for love. That's why his life was less complicated though a bit confused, till he arrived in Gurgaon and the lost love of his life resurfaced. His life changed for ever….and this is only one part of the story…..
The entire story is not about Vicky's romance(s), but his tryst with markets, the friends that he had and how he balanced the life between love, career and friends….deliberately the book has not been titled “The **** of D***l Street”.

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  • Pages: 376
  • 9789385167713 • HARDBACK • Nov 2016 • Rs.550
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  • Subjects: fiction
  • Short-changed by Life : My Voice - Straight from the heart
author details
A middle management executive with a leading Indian Bank, 39 years old Deekshant (his pen name), lives in Mumbai, with his wife and a 10 year old son. In addition to his banking career, he has interest in Politics, Sports and is an avid reader.
Such is his interest in politics that he can talk and analyse the internal political environment for all 29 states quite comfortably.
Infact for 2014 parliamentary elections he was one of the very few guys who’d announced a single party majority five months in advance. Friends jokingly tell him that he’s more suited for a career as political analyst rather than career in banking but he rubbishes it stating profession and hobby can’t be mixed.
Having started his own career as a bond trader, “Shortchanged by life” is his first attempt at writing, wherein he’s tried to bring the life of a trader to masses through a cocktail of movements in financial markets, a bit of politics and romance.
Shades of his own life are evident but the story is not his own in entirety. Having grown up in North India during 1990s when the country was going through the Mandal and Kamandal turmoil, he’s lived some of the events captured in the book, either in his own life or through some of his friends.