Cyber Crimes: History of World's Worst Cyber Attacks

Computer crime refers to criminal activity involving a computer. The computer may be used in the commission of a crime or it may be the target.
This book covers the history of Cyber Crimes and gives some of the world's most famous Cyber Crime and Attacks.

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  • Pages: 100
  • 9789386101709 • PAPERBACK • Dec 2016 • Rs.350
  • Subjects: Cyber Crimes, Cyber Attacks, Hacking
  • Cyber Crimes: History of World's Worst Cyber Attacks
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Vannesa is a freelance researcher in the field of History. She has written and contributed to many articles and has attended many International workshops.

What is Cyber Crime,
History of Cybercrime,
Hackers to Cyber-Terrorists,

World's Most Famous Cyber Crimes & Attacks:
PlayStation Network Outage,
Sven Jaschan,
The Spamhaus Project,
Citigroup Attack,
Heartland, Payment Systems,
Titan Rain,
Operation Aurora,
Opi Israel,
Stuxnet attack on Iran,
Project Chanology,
Canadian government hackings,
July 2009 cyber attacks,
OPM Data Breach,