Balochistan: In Quest of Freedom

Balochistan is a tinderbox which has hitherto remained more or less unexposed to geo-political pressures -- either because of Indian docility or because of Pakistan's deft foreign policy or because it was not useful to the West. However, it holds the potential to emerge as a new diplomatic flashpoint involving India, Pakistan and a range of external stakeholders, including Afghanistan, Iran, USA, China, and Russia. The crisis in Balochistan is escalating into a full-fledge “Baloch War of Independence” in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan due to the oppressive policies of the Pakistani militaries dictatorship. The book covers the developments in post colonial Balochistan, its geopolitical significance, and the underlying grievances of the Baloch.

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  • Balochistan: In Quest of Freedom
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Preface, 1. Introduction, 2. Strategic, Social and Political Values of Balochistan, 3. Baloch Movement of Freedom, 4. Baloch Nationalism and Freedom, 5. Development and Progress in Balochistan, Pakistan, 6. Balochistan in India’s Pakistan Policy, 7. Pakistan and China Economic Cooperation in Balochistan, 8. Balochistan Insurgency, 9. Politics of the Conflict in Balochistan, 10. Balochistan Crisis, 11. Security Cooperation in Balochistan, Bibliography, Index