No Matter Who You Are, You Too Can be Rich : Universal Success Secrets Blueprint

This book will elevate your life; make you a bigger person from inside, help you in living an authentic life and guide your towards super awesome destiny. Read it to discover your calling. Practical rituals to become a peak performer and extraordinary achiever are respectfully shared in this book. Writers have created this masterpiece to help you in realizing your inner infinite creative potential. Books share a new belief system to you about your true inner powers. It shows you how you are a special and uniquely blessed and having endless possibilities within you to grow and soar in life.

Read this book to get these outstanding returns:
Discover your calling
Find your purpose
Know your inner infinite creative talents
Know why you are on this Earth
Get your immortality back
Life a Meaningful life with limitless blessings
Leave a Legacy
Explore your inner awesome and eternal gifts
No matter you you are you too can be rich

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  • Pages: 168
  • 9789386367822 • PAPERBACK • 2017 • Rs.295
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  • No Matter Who You Are, You Too Can be Rich : Universal Success Secrets Blueprint
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Benjamin M. Othmar, is a President and CEO of SUCCESS INFOCUS GROUP, a performance, management consulting and training organization. He is one of the top thinkers in success area and he trains thousands of peoples every year in the area of personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship awareness. As author, coach and international motivation speaker, he is one most in demand trainers of our time. He has written several bestseller books so far and one of them is the “Self-ignorance is your problem. Self-Awareness is your solution.” He is dedicated to inspire people towards their inner infinite creative potential and telling them about how great they are naturally. He is most happy when he is on stage and uplifts people and bless them hope, motivation and courage. Connect with him at

Deepak Burfiwala is a blessed author and speaker on how to live the best version of your life. Passionately, he has authored 4 books on success, happiness, leadership and entrepreneurship development. He has touched the hearts of thousands of people ranging from energetic school kids to curious youngsters to highly dynamic corporate professional in his 9 years of speaking career. He is always creating and designing new toolkits to help people in bring out the best within themselves. He is also a dedicated blogger. Connect with him at

Author’s Note;
What this book is about;
Part I: Mastering the art of self discovery for becoming successful in life,
1 Cheat death by discovering your calling,
2 Choose self discovery as your leading goal,
3 Run your own race win the race with grace,
4 Be a person who builds himself every single day,
5 Your thoughts and books, greatest assets for success,
6 Cultivate reading as a habit for success,
7 Thinking matters for success,
8 Mind your mind to be a rare thinker,
9 Positive thinking versus negative thinking,
10 Your decision matter most in your success,
11 Everyone preaches but few practice,
12 Be responsible,
13 Luck is the fruit of daily efforts,
14 Dedication pays,
15 Creativity matters in your way to success,
16 Do whatever you do to serve humanity ,
17 Serve to be happy ,
18 Serve to prosper ,
19 Though roads produce great riders,
20 Discover purpose and fulfil it before you die,
21 Give the world more than what it gives you ,
22 Don’t advertise your difficulties to others ,
23 Never pretend that you do not have time ,
24 Stop complaining and start working ;

Part II:  66 Secrets for success in life;

Part III: A year of absolutely of self awareness for success in life