Say Yes to an Abundant Life : The Practical Steps to Guide for New Life

By becoming a life time true friend, this book will help you in exploring the incredible you out of you time to time. Fulfilled with real life success tools and principles to become a better person to have better results in all walks of life. No matter whoever you are, you are meant to shine and to matter. You too deserve to live a life of abundance, divinity, awesomeness, miracles, prosperity, infinite inner peace, significance and incredible results. This book will teach you a life changing principle that to achieve better results, you have to first become a better person. Read it and transform your life permanently.

Lasting benefits of reading this book:
Shine as a human being
Life an authentic life
Multiply your Success
Open yourself to achieve more
Gift Yourself  self mastery
Unbelievable self confidence
Develop a never giving up attitute
Be a lifelong learner

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  • Pages: 164
  • 9789386367839 • PAPERBACK • 2017 • Rs.295
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  • Say Yes to an Abundant Life : The Practical Steps to Guide for New Life
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Benjamin M. Othmar, is a President and CEO of SUCCESS INFOCUS GROUP, a performance, management consulting and training organization. He is one of the top thinkers in success area and he trains thousands of peoples every year in the area of personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship awareness. As author, coach and international motivation speaker, he is one most in demand trainers of our time. He has written several bestseller books so far and one of them is the “Self-ignorance is your problem. Self-Awareness is your solution.” He is dedicated to inspire people towards their inner infinite creative potential and telling them about how great they are naturally. He is most happy when he is on stage and uplifts people and bless them hope, motivation and courage. Connect with him at

Deepak Burfiwala is a blessed author and speaker on how to live the best version of your life. Passionately, he has authored 4 books on success, happiness, leadership and entrepreneurship development. He has touched the hearts of thousands of people ranging from energetic school kids to curious youngsters to highly dynamic corporate professional in his 9 years of speaking career. He is always creating and designing new toolkits to help people in bring out the best within themselves. He is also a dedicated blogger. Connect with him at

Author’s Note,
1 Create a vision board ,
2 Discover your calling ,
3 Criticism means you are growing ,
4 Love, your only mission on earth ,
5 Ask to grow,
6 Business is about connecting to people,
7 Touch the feelings to win,
8 Observe your blueprint for success,
9 Your past heals you,
10 Count your blessings,
11 Practice kaizen every day,
12 Simplicity is the best way,
13 Curiosity develops you ,
14 Forgiveness is selfishness,
15 Your life is your message,
16 Human beings are your key assets,
17 Become the author of your life,
18 Who stops you?,
19 Who guides you in life?,
20 Test your friendship,
21 Paradigm for time management,
22 Surround yourself with books,
23 Nature is your friend,
24 Company of achievers,
25 Future is your blank cheque,
26 Carry a goal card with you ,
27 Mind your words for your work,
28 Your dreams matter,
29 Change empowers you,
30 Be a rule maker,
31 Follow your dreams,
32 Separation is the illusion,
33 Do you have a clear identity yourself?,
34 Every day is a new gift,
35 Use law of attraction to become better,
36 Success is about courage,
37 Your real date of birth ,
38 Love of new ,
39 Work with immortal spirit,
40 Create leaders to multiply your success,
41 Openness attracts massive success,
42 Welcome a culture of creativity,
43 Learning through eyes,
44 Faith transforms you ,
45 Your pure intentions persist,
46 Ideas are assets ,
47 Practice gratitude ,
48 Dna of a positive person ,
49 Dna of a champion,
50 By serving you are inspiring,
51 Give unconditional love,
52 Become immortal,
53 Significance is real success,
54 Live a life of integrity,
55 Learn to accept any situation in your life,
A complete pack of self-empowering thoughts,
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