Think Like a Global CEO : The Permanent road To Success in Life, Career & Business

Book is about discovering your inner eternal capacities to endure in life. It delightfully educates the readers about how they can grow in life steps by and turn all their dreams into realities. Book is about bringing the best out of its readers in a very respectful and bringing the best out of its readers in a very respectful and meaningful way. It is based on eternal and universal success principles. It is less a book but more a best friend in times of absolute challenges and setbacks. Book helps you in unleashing your infinite inner potential and guides you to utilize your mind to make your life the best version of your highly awakened life.

What This Book will do for you:
Make You Feel like you are growing in life
Blesses you with always uplifting spirit
Bring You Absolute best and authentic self out of you
Open new hoizons for your success and happiness
Open a whole new world of infinite opportunities and possibilities
Help you in looking the brighter side if situation at all times
Enable you to leave your ultimate legacy for humanity
Elevate your life by making you a purely selfless person
Incredible and unbelievable state of mind at all times
Unmatchable and unparalleled faith in yourself

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  • Pages: 160
  • 9789386367846 • PAPERBACK • 2017 • Rs.295
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  • Think Like a Global CEO : The Permanent road To Success in Life, Career & Business
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Benjamin M. Othmar, is a President and CEO of SUCCESS INFOCUS GROUP, a performance, management consulting and training organization. He is one of the top thinkers in success area and he trains thousands of peoples every year in the area of personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship awareness. As author, coach and international motivation speaker, he is one most in demand trainers of our time. He has written several bestseller books so far and one of them is the “Self-ignorance is your problem. Self-Awareness is your solution.” He is dedicated to inspire people towards their inner infinite creative potential and telling them about how great they are naturally. He is most happy when he is on stage and uplifts people and bless them hope, motivation and courage. Connect with him at

Deepak Burfiwala is a blessed author and speaker on how to live the best version of your life. Passionately, he has authored 4 books on success, happiness, leadership and entrepreneurship development. He has touched the hearts of thousands of people ranging from energetic school kids to curious youngsters to highly dynamic corporate professional in his 9 years of speaking career. He is always creating and designing new toolkits to help people in bring out the best within themselves. He is also a dedicated blogger. Connect with him at

Author’s Note,
1 Grow People ,
2 Your mind is your friend or foe?,
3 Financial I.Q. is important,
4 Be fit to be of use,
5 Your real asset in life,
6 Follow your instincts ,
7 Truth is ageless,
8 With significance transforms,
9 Note down your thoughts ,
10 Love and success,
11 Use your ears more,
12 Practice kaizen every day,
13 Be comfortable at doing uncomfortable,
14 Love and leadership,
15 Adopt creative habits ,
16 Take personal responsibility of your life,
17 Where is your focus?,
18 Impacts of positive teaching,
19 Failure is good ,
20 Build a personal library ,
21 Love makes you eternal,
22 Curiosity develops you ,
23 Personal growth: a lifetime matter,
24 Add music in your life,
25 Become an incredible salesman ,
26 Expand your network ,
27 Create a vision for life,
28 Expand your knowledge giving sources,
29 What are you searching in life? ,
30 How do you define success? ,
31 How do you participate every day in universe? ,
32 Make your passion your profession ,
33 Observe more to obtain more ,
34 Adopt sharing philosophy ,
35 Write your strengths and weaknesses on paper ,
36 Creatively visualize your dreams daily ,
37 Work on your communication skills ,
38 Adopt visionary leadership ,
39 Learn making win-win relationships ,
40 Do the mountain top thinking ,
41 You get what you give ,
42 No failures only leanings ,
43 Think like a global C.E.O. ,
44 Decide your life values ,
45 Commit to lifelong learning ,
46 Speak from heart to get heard by hearts ,
47 Persistence is everything ,
48 Everyone is unique, respect all ,
49 Successful do this while failures don’t ,
50 Meter of personal development ,
51 More knowledge, more returns ,
52 Passion chapter of success ,
53 Rules of the game are universal ,
54 Your dressing sense speaks ,
55 Be a life long learner ,
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