Terrorism and Geopolitics

Terrorism has become the greatest evil in our worlds today. It is perpetrated by fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life. Although the international community remains divided a universal definition of what is meant by terrorism, yet it remains committed to confront it through a variety of means. Terrorism draws its motivation from a clear and organized intention. Terrorists believe they are acting out a moral imperative on behalf of a well-established organization. Terrorists are not maniacs, and terrorism is not an accident. Terrorism is carefully planned yet invisible until it strikes. This is one of terrorism’s most powerful aspects. Neither the time nor place is predictable. And the moment public fear subsides, terror may erupt again. Geopolitics is defined as a branch of geography that promises to explain the relationships between geographical realities and international affairs. The idea that such relationships exist was noted as early as the ancient Greeks. Although noted at this early time it was only with the discovery of the conceptual and methodological tools of modern geography that scholars became convinced they could examine the connections in something approaching scientific precision. Ideology acts as a veneer to cover real geopolitical interests and has been more than explicit in the American drive to camouflage its interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia under the cover of the “War on Terror.” While the American policy has been to sponsor ‘liberal democracy’ in Afghanistan and keep the war-ravaged country weak without allowing the state to consolidate power, it did not bother to strengthen the hands of the authoritarian rulers of Central Asia in the name of creating a common front against terrorism. The present book is a document of that issues that is giving a new global philosophy of terrorism to the entire world and showing the path for the return to normal life.

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  • Terrorism and Geopolitics
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Preface, 1. Introduction, 2. Definition of an Act of Terrorism, 3. Strategic Response of Terrorism, 4. The Political Theory of Terrorism, 5. Global Response to Terrorism, 6. Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Fight against Terrorism, 7. Relation to the Global War on Terrorism , 8. International Opinion and Politics of War on Terror, 9. Capitalism and Financing of Terrorism, Bibliography, Index