How to Keep the Aging Brain Sharp and Young? ….Twenty Point Program

No one can avoid gray hair and wrinkles, but  you can prevent your brain from aging. This book is about the discovery that the human brain has its own unique way of healing, and that when it is understood, many brain problems thought to be incurable or irreversible can be improved or even cured. In addition the book will give you the information you need in order to keep your brain functioning at its peak throughout your mature years. Like any other part of the body your brain needs exercise and a balanced diet to maintain its health. Adequate sleep, taking short breaks during work, maintaining an active attitude toward your social life, and developing a mental attitude of curiosity will also help in keeping the aging brain sharp and young.
 Memory is central to the entire function of the brain and the book gives detail information on how not only to stop decline of memory in old age but even to improve it.
There is an old adage that age makes sage. Vanprastha, the third stage of life is the ancient Indian way of becoming a sage as we age. Moreover, Vanprastha is not an exile to the forest but a mental attitude. The chapter Age Makes Sage explains in some detail what this attitude of a Vanprasthi should be and how he ought to conduct himself in this phase of life. 
Mind and body are integral to each other. The Western view of mind is mechanical while Indian view treats it as a part of the  wholeness which comprises of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga plays a prominent part in keeping the mind alert, calm and serene. The book elucidates the point in a lucid manner . 

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  • How to Keep the Aging Brain Sharp and Young? ….Twenty Point Program
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Dr.Anne Karen Trollope Kumar MD PhD  is a medical doctor who did her training in Canada. She is married to an Indian doctor. She spent a total of 13 years working in the NGO sector in rural India with her husband. They initially worked at Shivanand Charitable Hospitable in Rishikesh , and then later moved into a more remote part of Garhwal where they worked with a large NGO. They at present live in Hamilton , Ontario , Canada. They have founded an NGO – SAMAGRA – which is based in Canada with its branch at Dehradun. Its programs include tutoring underprivileged children and women’s employment initiatives and divide time between Canada and India. Samagra’s vision is spiritual in nature , embracing both social service as well as spiritual development.     

1. Structure and functioning of the brain twenty steps you can take to keep your, 

2. Brain young in the mature years, 

3. Stopping memory decline, 

4. Physical exercise will improve brain functioning, 

5. Food makes the mind , 

6. The older i am, the wiser i am, 

7. Age makes sage , 

8. Neuroplasticity and the three intelligences, 

9. Preventable and treatable mental diseases of old age, 

10. Yoga and ayurveda come to the rescue of aging brain and mind, 

11. Conclusion, 

12. Appendix 1, 

13. Appendix 2