Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace

The Book “Terra Nullius” is a struggle of an author between religions, cultures and ideologies. This book is written especially for the Muslim community of the South Asia because they know less about the historical conflict of Israel Palestine identity and land owning. The world media always broadcasts one sided story whenever the conflict arises between both nations.
The history of Israel is thousands of years old and belongs to the land that is now called Israel. The modern Israel was founded in 1948 by the newly formed United Nation with the approval of majority members of the council. Till today, 163 of the 193 UN member states officially recognise the state of Israel as an only country of the Jewish people.
The Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi and United Arab Emirates have normalised the relations with Israel. In this case, the Muslim community of the South Asia must realise the facts behind the conflict which are merely political not religious.

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  • Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace
author details
Mr. Noor Dahri is the Founder and Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism- ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. Noor was born and raised in Pakistan. He was an active member of Lashkar -e-Taibah (LeT), a Jihadist organisation in Pakistan. Noor Dahri has also worked with the London Police department for the last seven years.  He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK, Counter Terrorism from the University of Maryland – U.S.A and also studied Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter-Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an independent researcher in Counter Islamist Terrorism and Islamist Extremism.
Mr. Dahri has written many research articles on hot issues such as Counter Terrorism, Violent Extremism, De-Radicalisation and Israel-Palestine conflict which have been published in various newspapers. Noor has attended many events, conferences on the threat of Counter Terrorism and also visited many institutes and libraries. Noor is a Middle East Analyst at The Great Middle East and a regular contributor at the Times of Israel (Israel) and The Daily Times (Pak). He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows for his interviews.
Noor is a first Pakistani, who has been officially invited to deliver his speeches at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism -ICT in Israel on the topic of “From Daw’ah To Jihad: Breaking the Radicalization. Mr. Noor is the fellow member of the Intelligence Community USA and a member of the security think tank Henry Jackson society UK. He regularly attends discussion-based events in the House of Commons and the House of Lords (UK Parliaments). He has visited many countries for his research work.
Noor Dahri received a “Life Achievement Award Certificate” by Lord Frank Judd at The House of Lords- UK in 2017.


Chapter 1 The Relations Behind the Curtain
Pakistan and Israel’s Secret Diplomacy
Pakistan’s Military Cooperation with Israel

Chapter 2 IDF and the Operation Protective Edge 
The Ramadan Operation and Why Israel is forced to defend itself
IDF, Morality and the Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethic of the IDF
IDF Doctrine
Torture or Unlawful Killing

Chapter 3 Anti -Semitism in Pakistan
Are Pakistanis Anti-Semitic or Anti-Zionists
Hatred of Jews Endemic in Pakistanis
A Dialogue between a Zionist and an Anti-Semite
Al-Aqsa incitement propaganda and the dirty role of Palestinian politics in Pakistan

Chapter 4 Palestinian Terrorism in Israel
The Difference between Palestinian Resistance and Terrorism
The Status Quo, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Disquieting of Israel
The Israel-Palestine Conflict and Iran’s role of Interest
HAMAS: Islamic or a Kharijit Movement
The Arab Nationalism, Islamism and the State of Israel

Chapter 5 The Heat within the State of Israel
Burning Intifada, the Arab Israelis and the Islamic Ruling
Is Muezzin Bill a Religious Discrimination in Israel
Yasser Arafat, A Fake Hero, A Lord of Corruption

Chapter 6 Muslim Jewish Historical Relations 
Muslims Jewish relations, historical conflict and the future for peace
Islam Supports Israel’s Right of Existence

Chapter 7 International Hatred Against the State of Israel
The UNSC Resolution, Pope Francis and the French Summit
AL QUDS DAY: Waving Hezbollah Flags in London
‘Kill the Jews’ is a basic tool of terrorism
Mumbai Attack
The French Attacks
2003 UK Affiliated Attack in Tel Aviv

Chapter 8 Israel and the Palestinians: a guide to the debate
The Aprathied Smear