The Islamic State of Khorasan and the Prospect of Nuclear Jihad against Russia and Central Asia

Daesh is worse than the Taliban, which is now trying to bring a new ideology as Daesh-ism which is anti – Islam. This book brings out the alarming situation of presence of Daesh in Pakistan and its expanding activities. It serves the international community as a reminder the role they need to play in crushing this monster.

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  • The Islamic State of Khorasan and the Prospect of Nuclear Jihad against Russia and Central Asia
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Musa Khan Jalalzai is a journalist and research scholar. He has written extensively on Afghanistan, terrorism, nuclear and biological terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intelligence research and analysis. He was an Executive Editor of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan from 2005-2011, and a permanent contributor in Pakistan's daily The Post, Daily Times, and The Nation, Weekly the Nation, (London). However, in 2004, US Library of Congress in its report for South Asia mentioned him as the biggest and prolific writer. He received Masters in English literature, Diploma in Geospatial Intelligence, University of Maryland, Washington DC, certificate in Surveillance Law from the University of Stanford, USA, and a diploma in Counterterrorism from Pennsylvania State University, California, the United States.

Chapter 1 ISIS in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of Factors and Implications of ISIS Recruitments and Concept of Jihad-Bil-Nikah 
Yunis Khushi
Chapter 2 The Islamic State in ‘Khorasan’: How it began and where it stands now in Nangarhar
Borhan Osman
Chapter 3 Making Sense of Daesh in Afghanistan: A Social Movement Perspective
Katja Mielke and Nick Miszak
Chapter 4 Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Afghanistan: An Assessment
Amina Khan 
Chapter 5 The ISIS Penetration in Afghanistan-Pakistan: Assessment, Impact, and Implications 
Abdul Basit
Chapter 6 Double Game: Why Pakistan Supports Militants and Resists U.S. Pressure to Stop
Sahar Khan 
Chapter 7 The Two Faces of the Fatemiyun: The Women behind the Fighters
Mohsen Hamidi
Chapter 8 Daesh in South Asia
Maryam Nazir
Chapter 9 Footprints of ISIS in South Asia: A Challenge to Regional Peace and Stability
Shabana Fayyaz
Notes to Chapters