Celebrating Urdu

Urdu is a language of extreme charm and beauty. Our attempt in this book is to present a kaleidoscopic view of Urdu through scholars and artists of our times. Together they present the case that there is need of main streaming this fine language lest it should become exotic and exclusive like Sanskrit and Persian. That is the inspiration of the name that we have chosen for the book, Celebrating Urdu.

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  • Pages: 262
  • 9789389620092 • HARDBACK • Feb 2020 • Rs.850
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  • Celebrating Urdu
author detailsDevi Prasad Tripathi, DPT, born in 1950 in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India is a poet, writer and political activist. A former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), he is currently Editor-in-Chief of Think India and General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Art and Urdu Literature by SALIMA HASHMI
Power Politics of Culture by Shamshur Rahman Faruqi
Progressive Writers’ Movement in Urdu Literature by Javed Akhtar
Urdu – The Real Identity by Sohail Hashmi
Faiz the Internationalist by Christina Oesterheld
Ghalib and the 1857 Revolt by Pavan K. Varma
Rashid Jahan: Communist, Doctor, Writer by Rakhshanda Jalil
Urdu and Bombay by Majeed Memon
Musaddas by Shardul Chaturvedi
Khwaja Ahmad Abbas: The Man and His Mission by Syeda Saiyidain Hameed
Faiz Ka Lucknow by Atul Tiwari
A Snapshot of Contemporary Urdu Poetry by Ekram Khawar
Living with the Film Song in the 50s by Madan Gopal Singh
Urdu – From Dialects to Language, and Beyond by Subodh Lal