Russia - US Relation - Post Trump Victory

Russian-US relations will remain a key uncertainty. Donald Trump’s surprise victory has opened a window of opportunity to normalize bilateral relations, at least on issues where progress can be made relatively quickly. The proxy war in Syria can be stopped, but this outcome depends above all on Russian-US relations and the general war-weariness. Key roles in ending this proxy war will be played by regional powers – Turkey and Iran. Vladimir Putin knows better than to expect too much of Donald Trump. He’s been disappointed by new U.S. Presidents before. This book makes an interesting reading for historians, defence and policy analysts, researchers and general readers alike.

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  • Russia - US Relation - Post Trump Victory
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Preface, 1. Introduction, 2. US-Russia Relations in the Trump Era , 3. US-Russian Relations Under a Trump Presidency, 4. Trump, Putin and the New Cold War, 5. Trump and Russia: The Right Way to Manage Relations, 6. The Trump Presidency and World Politics, 7. Donald Trump’s Victory: Prospects for Russia-US Relations, 8. Trump’s Victory: A Dangerous Turning Point in American Politics, Bibliography, Index