From Indus to Independence - A Trek Through Indian History (Vol I Prehistory to the Fall of the Maur

This is the first volume in a series of books that covers Indian history from the earliest times to August 1947, when India achieved independence from foreign rule. This volume covers the prehistoric antecedents before the Indus Valley Civilisation and gives a vivid account of the developments that took place in the Indian sub-continent till the demise of the glorious Maurya dynasty. In doing so, the book describes the evolution of languages and religion, examines cultural and other factors that have influenced the evolution of Indian civilisation and also vibrantly portrays the historical events that took place during this period of over 5000 years. The author also provides his own succinct comments on the events that took place in antiquity as have been reported in, and corroborated by, various sources. This book is a worthy addition to the analysis of Indian history.

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  • From Indus to Independence - A Trek Through Indian History (Vol I Prehistory to the Fall of the Maur
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Dr Sanu Kainikara is an ex-fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force and currently a practising Military Strategist residing in Canberra, Australia. He holds a Master of Science degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from the University of Madras, and his PhD in International Politics was awarded by the University of Adelaide in Australia. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales and the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Regional Security.  

Dr Kainikara is the author of 11 books on national security and strategy, military forces and air power. He is a keen student of Indian history and is in the process of writing the history of India in a series of books titled From Indus to Independence: A Trek through Indian History. The first three volumes of the series have already been published and the fourth is nearing completion. He has also published a collection of political essays titled The Asian Crucible. He is a regular contributor to the Eurasia Review. 

Sanu is the author of numerous papers on international politics, national security issues, and security strategy that have been published in reputed international journals; and has presented papers, on invitation, in a number of International Conferences around the world.

Author’s Preface,
Chapter 1 The Evolution Of Indian Languages,
Chapter 2 Pre-Historic Antecedents,
Chapter 3 Harappan (Indus Valley) Civilisation (3300-1300 B.C.),
Chapter 4 The Vedic Age (1500 B.C. – About 500 A.D.),
Chapter 5 Of Hinduism, The Concept Of Time, And The Varna System,
Chapter 6 Clan-States And Kingdoms (~ 600-300 B.C.),
Chapter 7 The Ferment Of Religious Thought (~600 To 250 B.C.),
Chapter 8 Magadha Ascendant (684-321 B.C.),
Chapter 9 The Tale Of Two Invasions,
Chapter 10 The Glory Of The Mauryas,
Chapter 11 Peninsular India,
Chapter 12 Shards Of Light In Peninsular History,